Inter Coolers and After Coolers

The Compressed air is used in many Industries for variety of applications. The atmospheric air contains lot of moisture The compression of air involves a considerable rise in it’s temperature. It is necessary to cool this air.

It is common that the air is compressed in one or more stages. Inter Coolers are provided between the stages to keep the temperature of air within safe limits while coming out from the next stage. After Coolers are used to cool the air coming out from the last stage. Generally water is used as a cooling media in both of these, as here the heat transfer co-efficient is higher than that in case of an air to air cooling.send enquiry

We, at WHITE STAR EQUIPMENTS, design and manufacture Air-in-tube type standard Models of After Coolers and Inter Coolers since the last 25 years. The air is cooled within 8oC of incoming cooling water temperature i.e. much below it's dew point resulting in dry and cool air. The construction of the Coolers confirms to TEMA, IS.

Along with your Enquiry:
- Kindly specify compressor’s capacity in cfm and pressure of air.
- Kindly provide a sketch/drawing of the existing unit giving internal details like the number of tubes, OD and length of tubes etc. in case an exact replacement is desired.

We manufacture INTER COOLERS & AFTER COOLERS for Ingersoll Rand Compressor, Khosla Compressors, KPC Compressors, Atlas Copco Compressor, Elgi Compressor, CPT Compressors, Indian Compressors & Imported Compressors.

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